Becoming a business owner!

Risk & Opportunity & Success

I own and run a new and successful real estate agency in Mandurah. I opened it up in WA in 2016. Possibly the worst year in our market history to have had opened an agency but I did it.

I look back on my life a lot. I watch others a lot. I try and pin point the defining moments in life when I made great decisions, where I made a choice to take a risk. Where I pushed myself to be better than I was yesterday.

When I got an opportunity to lease a restaurant in Jarrahdale, I knew that moment was coming before it came, I used to lay awake thinking about the moment, how to execute it, how to speed it up, how to ensure it happened.

The facts are that I feel like it’s all been a fluke. Most of my defining moments have been laying awake in bed at night dreaming of being so wealthy that I don’t have to worry about how I will pay for my next dentist trip, or what destination I book next for my family to visit and how to fuel my car up to the max and not worry about how much I had just spent getting the needle up to full!

My business, the most successful venture I have done to date was started after I woke one morning in 2015, tired of the changing sales market and being a struggling single mum and I said to myself. Fuck this. Fuck being behind In synergy and Vodafone, Fuck working my ass off for someone else’s dream. This is my life. These are my kids, my kids need me to fucking show them, what it is to be the best I can be.

So I went to my dad and asked for a loan. Declined. I cried. I wondered why people didn’t believe in me, especially my dad. I cried to my boyfriend of 3 months. He was unemployed but he said, I have no money but…” I believe in you” I couldn’t believe he said that. Really ? You think I can be good at something? He said yes of course!? We then sold his yacht to help fund our new business and now it’s grown into a family owned and operated property management focused business.

Back when we had no listings, I used to dream, I dreamt bigger than huge. I wanted 500 per annum. I got 50 per annum. That disappointed me. I pushed myself for more. We still only get 50 per annum. I guess our clients love that. We are slow growing. Service orientated. Down to earth and client focused.

I want to say something to anyone reading this who might have the same make up as me, if you lay in bed at night , dreaming or thinking. Stop it. Do it. Risk it. Take action. Chase your dreams, take risk. Ask for help. Make it happen. You never know how bright your future is until you grab it with both hands and someone else’s !


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