We are looking for a rental! Part 1


So what ever you want to call me… single mum, mum with a boyfriend that has kids, mum that has kids and doesn’t  live with the father of her kids or mum with a boyfriend that has kids and chooses to live alone with boyfriend on weekends… I think anyone that has been separated can understand that after separation there is a certain amount of time that it takes for you to get back onto your financial feet.

Yes I used to own my own home but since separation, I’ve been left in quite a compromising financial position and I have to rent. I will be a home owner again one day. It will just take some time. That I am sure of. In the mean time, I have set up a property management/ property maintenance company with my boyfriend that is definitely going places.

So enter this weeks dilemma. My current rental is not big enough. I am tired of watching kids movies. I want somewhere that has 2 living or lounge rooms and with the market being  in the state that it is, I should be able to find something suitable, with views and $50 per week less that what I am paying now. I know this not just because I am in the industry, but because of the technology at hand. All I do is search my suburb on several websites and up pops all the comparison I need.

So I begin to call these property managers.

Company One:

10.30am Monday 7th March 2016 : Hi, my name is Belinda can I please see through Property X ….ASAP. I live locally and am available anytime. (this company is registered for Real Inspect by the way, an automated messaging/booking service available to tenant/PMs)

Tuesday 8th March 2016. No call

Wednesday 9th March 2016. No call

Thursday 10th March 2016…..4pm….Voice Message

Hi Belinda, I got your message regarding Property X, can you please call me back to let me know when you would like to view.

No- sorrys for not returning your call in 4 days Belinda, I know how hard the market is and will do anything to latch onto any potential tenant…nothing. Just a sentence to book me in.


I have not called her back by the way. Out of principal, I will wait to see if she tries to call me again. If she is acting in the best interests of her owner, I will get a call.


…Stay tuned. 🙂