Who’s been on a houseboat?

Lets talk houseboats!

So recently we won a Facebook houseboat holiday from Blackwood River House boats in Augusta WA.

The lovely Pam & James from Blackwood River houseboats were kind enough to arrange our holiday around our four kids and we took them #douth to sunny one minute, cloudy the next Augusta!

We all had literally the best time of our lives, I’ve never seen the kids smiling so much and not fighting! 😂

We cruised up and down the Blackwood River and moored up at a different mooring each night, the boat we had was the biggest of their fleet, with 8 births, a brand new oven, bathroom, hot water and an awesome upstairs deck to take in the spectacular views.

Malloy island was also a really cool experience, we got in the tinny for some fishing and caught herring, mullet and some beautiful yellow fin whiting. We also did some skirfing, some of us a little more skilled than others of course ehem ehem.

We think everyone needs to go to Augusta and experience Blackwood river houseboats. A huge thank you to Pam & James for the opportunity you guys rock!

Love Bel & Nath ✌🏼

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